Surprise Proposal at Providence Canyon State Park in Georgia

I had the honor of capturing my best friend’s proposal at Providence Canyon State Park in Lumpkin, Georgia, and she had no IDEA. Jacob (her now fiance) and I had planned this for months without Kesley knowing. Unfortunately, I had to move away from my best friend this past August. So naturally, we planned her visit to my new home well in advance. Ever since I found out I was moving to Georgia from Kentucky, I started researching places to visit, hike, camp, and take photos. I came across Providence Canyon on google one day and sent it to Kelsey right away! She instantly said, “that is my photo spot when I come to visit.” I couldn’t agree more! As the months apart passed – I could not contain my excitement for my best friend. She was about to feel like the luckiest girl on this earth, and she didn’t even know. Jacob and I talked in secrete for months – planning how November 6th would go.

Our day was filled with walks around Columbus Georiga before we got ready to head to Providence Canyon State Park. The entire day Jacob and I were super tense and eager at the same time.

On our drive to the park – my anxiety was through the roof! I could hardly hold a conversation because I was so nervous about what was about to happen.

We arrived and found a prime parking spot right by the visitor center! So I loaded up my gear, took a bathroom break, and we were on the trail down to the bottom of the canyon. The hike down to the canyon’s bottom is super quick and accessible. It took us around seven minutes total and then a few extras to get the spot I had picked out weeks in advance for this particular moment. We played around for a few frames to get comfortable!

Then it was showtime – Jacob was in his spot, Jason was ready to videotape it, and I had my camera prepared to capture the emotion! But, first, Kesley was playing around and kept turning around to be funny – and then …

I think we all stood there in silence for what felt like eight minutes. Kesley could not believe what was happening, and Kesley had those emotions written all over her face as Jacob asked her to marry him!

She said yes, of course!! So then their couples session turned into their engagement session.

We spent the remainder of golden hour trotting around the park, finding fantastic slots and hidden away locations to capture more love and emotion from Kesley and Jacobs’s surprise proposal.

We also had some fun behind the camera.

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