I'm excited to meet you, and create a connection. 

I started photographing weddings four years ago and quickly realized that the moments you want to remember aren't always perfectly scripted - they are uncut, raw, and writhing with emotion, and that I have the ability to capture those moments. 

Many areas of my life have contributed to my creative balance and output. I can peel a banana with my feet (there’s an embarrassing video out there that I submitted for extra credit in undergrad – I got the extra credit). I spent the start of my 20's as an outdoor educator working various jobs from a youth backpacking guide, to coordinating university outdoor programs. I had a realization that I wanted to be a wilderness therapist one day and completed my Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and during COVID I realized I want to grow in many different areas of my life. Each area of my life is able to provide my couples with outstanding support, humor, knowledge, pinpoint decision making, and so much more.  

About Our Luxury Destination Wedding Photographer

Time with family
Drinking Coffee

Walking our pups
Enjoying Drinks
Lifting Weights
Making memories

Soft Live Music
Walks by the river
Re-potting plants
Buying plants

In my spare time... I LOVE 

 I love the photography part of my job, my real passion lies in helping couples realize that they don't have to do things the way they're "supposed to." The wedding industry can be... a lot. And I hated seeing how many couples ended their wedding day saying they wish they had done XYZ instead. I am here to help advocate for what you want - leading up to your day, during and most importantly after with all your memories frozen in time. 

It's the little things that truly set us apart.

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