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Destination Weddings

Blending my passion for travel photography with the artistry of capturing love stories, I specialize in crafting destination weddings that are nothing short of extraordinary. Whether you're envisioning an intimate exchange of vows against the breathtaking backdrop Santorini or a multi-day celebration filled with immersive moments set against the stunning landscapes of Italy and Greece, or even in vibrant cities like Nashville, Louisville, and Savannah, my expertise lies in curating experiences as unique as your journey together.

If you ask me, I am a self-proclaimed badass photographer that captures emotion with all its grit and magnificence. I serve authentic, vibrant couples and specialize in intimate weddings. I am a storyteller with not only digital photos, but also with nostalgic 35 mm film. Each wedding day is special to every couple, and the bond you share with your partner - it is my job to tell that story as authentically, soulfully, and timelessly as possible. I strive to serve each of my couples with what they need for their day and to advocate for their desires: No dream is too small. 

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Haley was recommended to me by another photographer (always a high compliment), and I knew she was our perfect wedding photographer from the first interaction. She’s always been incredibly professional and had authentic answers to my many questions. What I loved most was how collaborative she was during the entire process. In both sessions - engagement and the wedding itself - I came to her with my own ideas and inspiration. Haley took those and RAN with them! She honored our story and our style, while staying to true to herself as photographer and filling in all of the blanks. She really impressed me when we got together for a boudoir shoot the day before my wedding. I’m usually pretty comfortable in front of the camera, but I had never done anything like that before. She made me feel so calm and confident and had lots of ideas that kept the session rolling. I still look at all of our photos and can’t believe we found her!

"What I loved most was how collaborative she was during the entire process..."

You can tell Haley found her passion in photography. Not only does she do a PHENOMENAL job but she also makes you feel so comfortable throughout the entire session. She will go above and beyond for anyone and it absolutely shows! I will cherish my engagement photos for years to come and cannot wait to see what Haley does for my wedding photos!!!

"She will go above and beyond for anyone..."

Haley was so thoughtful and caring! From the moment we first started planning until after the photos were completed. Haley goes above and beyond to make sure that all of the couples needs and wants are met for your special day. She also made an awkward couple not look awkward in photos!!! She puts you at ease :)

"Haley goes above and beyond..."

if you are looking for a photographer to make your dreams come true, Haley is the one to hire! She took my (now) husband and my engagement pictures. We were both kind of nervous because we do not get our picture taken often but Haley made the whole experience so fun and comfortable! When we saw the final product, we knew we wanted her to take our wedding pictures as well! With how the year was going due to COVID, we ended up eloping and had Haley take the pictures, which again turned out better than we could have hoped! She genuinely loves what she does and that is shown in how flexible, kind, bubbly, and amazing she was with us. Haley even went as far as to change shoot locations when the weather was not in our favor. I can not wait to hire her again!

"She genuinely loves what she does..."

Haley is my girl!! She is so sweet and makes you feel like a million bucks!!! She is real, and silly, but can be serious if she needs too! My boyfriend and I don’t get in front of a camera very much but she made us so comfortable and feel amazing there is no way I couldn’t have fun during our shoot!! I can’t wait for her to shoot many more for us!

"she made us so comfortable..."

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