Ask Your Wedding Photographer These Three Questions

If you’re anything like me – you despise reading lengthy blogs that spend 750 words telling you about how elephants began to take over outer space before actually reaching the topic of said blog. So I promise I’ll make this read concise.

Word on the street is that you’re getting married! Wedding planning can be a whirlwind of emotions, sticker shock, and an overload of resources (and this read is just adding to it, haha!) However, when you’re getting ready to book your wedding photographer be sure to ask them these three questions. As a destination wedding photographer with three years of experience, I’ve heard horror stories from lost photos, damaged memory cards, no-call no-shows, etc.

No 1. How do you store our images?

Book a photographer who backs up your images in three different areas.

I store all my images on two hard drives and do not format my memories cards until your final gallery is delivered. Therefore, I have at least three copies of your photos at all times.

It is beneficial for your wedding photographer to have a dual-slot camera. Having a dual-slot camera means that they can copy data onto two memory cards. If something were to go wrong with one memory card, the photographer still has a backup. Both my camera bodies have dual slots. If I hire a second shooter, they must have dual slots.

N. 02 Do you have business insurance?

Business insurance is vital to rest assured that you’re covered if anything happens to your gear or at the event. Many venues ask for proof of insurance from vendors. If your wedding photographer cannot provide proof of insurance, walk the other way. Many wedding photographers are insured and eager to show you their insurance.

If your photographer does not have a contract – do not book with them. Harsh? not at all. A contract is in place to protect you (the client) and the photographer. Both parties agree to the contract, and both parties are held liable to fill their part of the agreement. Do not hand over money to someone who does not have a legally binding contract. An excellent way to know if your contract is legit – the contract will be long, have major words, payment due dates, travel parameters, etc.

If during your first call or contact with your wedding photographer – they don’t mention 2/3 of the above questions – ask them. You can also ask these questions when booking your videographer and many more vendors. Your vendors will make or break your day – invest in quality, professional, and honest vendors who want to see your wedding unfold as one of the most beautiful weddings for which they’ve been a vendor.

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