Funky Elopement Downton Savannah Georgia

I was honored to spend a fun, drizzly afternoon downtown with Kris, Dee, and Shirley The Sheep Dog to capture their elopement. We wanted an area that would say “hey we eloped in Savannah” and what better place to choose than Forsyth park and the surrounding streets?

Kris, Dee, and Shirley The Sheep Dog sharing their first moments all dressed up in front of Forsyth fountain in downtown Savannah, Ga.

Forsyth Foutain is one of the main attractions around Savannah, GA. It serves as a beautiful sight, even on the rainiest of days with Spanish moss-covered oak trees, and uneven sidewalks with a spooky ghost tail! This created a wholesome, authentic backdrop for Kirss and Dee to celebrate getting married!

You might be thinking if the dogs are not in the photos, and you’re taking the photos… who has the dog? It’s me! When Shirley The Sheep Dog wasn’t the star focus of the frame, she was tied around my waist and waited patiently for her next round of close us! This was key to keeping the moment intimate for Kriss and Dee. It was just me, Shirley The Sheep Dog, and two soulful lovers!

Krss and Dee curated the BEST elopement outsits possible down to each feather, and sequin.


PHOTOS BY HALEY GOUINE + Powered by Showit